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New Elevatia

New Elevatia is the capital of The City-State of Elevatia and also its only permanently settled city. As such it is the seat of its central authorities and houses all its administrative, residential and commercial capabilities.

An artistic depiction of the virtual version of New Elevatia city.

Situated within the territory of modern Czech Republic and also located above its natural elevation the entire city is actually suspended in the air and thus bordered by Czech Republic not only from all its sides but also from above and below making this city completely enveloped by its bigger neighbor.

New Elevatia currently has a population of 3 citizens. From 2021 to 2022 the population of New Elevatia has seen a 50% population increase. After a recent period of population boom the city is expected to have its population more stable in the near future, according to prognoses.

The current state of the city was formed in late 2021. There was a previous infrastructure before, although without any prior claims for sovereignty. Earliest mentions speak about the first settlers populating the area in the second half of the 20th century, more precisely in the 70’s, when the whole surrounding lands have also seen a development and population boom. The original settlement was ruled by Lady Lucia’s ancestors as a modest yet bustling area with reasonable population that never actually strived for any official outside recognition. Unfortunately over the time its significance and size started to dwindle, eventually leading to near abandonment. This is when the current rulers, Lady Lucie and Lord Daniel heard the call. Their old settlement of original Elevatia was struggling to accommodate its population and so a decision was made for migration into the new area. There they laid the claim on what eventually became New Elevatia.

New Elevatia is divided into 6 administrative districts – commercial, agricultural, warehouse, industrial and two residentials. Because of the city’s small nature most of the districts are connected via a single main road, only agricultural one remains outside of the main infrastructure.

Since June 2022 New Elevatia also exists in its bigger and idealized virtual form that is tied up to the real physical one. The virtual version of the city is used for our better representation and to provide security to the real city.

Virtual map of New Elevatia

This is our interactive map of New Elevatia in its virtual version.
You can click over various parts of this map to see more information about all the districts of Elevatia.

Virtual map of New Elevatia
Residential District Sharka Residential Palatial District Industrial District Commercial District Agricultural District Warehouse District

Residential District Sharka

One of the 2 New Elevatia's residential districts. It honors our noble princess.

Residential Palatial District

One of the 2 New Elevatia's residential districts. This is the place where the noble palace is located.

Industrial District

Our Industrial district constitutes an important part of the city. It connects most of the other districts and holds place for important maintenance and industrial necessities. It is also the entry point to the city via the elevator that leads to the surface where its neighbor country, Czech Republic, begins.

Commercial District

The Commercial district is the place of both entertainment and governance. The most important decisions are made here yet also it offers many leisure facilities for its citizens. A true center of the city.

Agricultural District

A place of agriculture and food manufacture, this district provides Elevatia with everything needed to keep our population satiated.

Warehouse District

This district houses many places to store the city goods.