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National symbols

As any nation Elevatia uses several symbols. This page tells you more about them, their use, origin and meaning.

National flag

The main body of Elevatian flag is made of two horizontal strips – orange and purple. They represents the two lineages of Lady Lucie (purple) and Lord Daniel (orange) coming together on Unification Day before establishing Elevatia. Next, the center of the flag houses two hexagons in negative colors to the horizontal strips which are symbolical contour lines to represent Elevatia’s geographical position above the ground.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms is a symbol that shows Elevatian sovereignty and that is used in various communication outlets to signify officiality.

The shield in the center uses the motif from the national flag – orange and purple horizontal strips with two centered contour lines in negative.

The shield is supported by two bears – referencing bears, one brown and one beige, who are living in Elevatia.

The helmet above the shield represents Elevatian values of nobility and chivalry that holds dear to its national identity.

Last on the very bottom is the banderole that symbolically remains empty to signify that the history of Elevatia is still being written.