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National Holidays

Elevatia, like any nation, holds many traditions and holidays. This page is a list of the most important ones and it should, in future, have much more information about them.

Unification DayThe day when the two houses of Lady Lucie and Lord Daniel came together and formed a base upon which was Elevatia eventually built.
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Pasta Festival DayOn this occasion we celebrate the wonderful intricacies of a pasta. The pasta festival is held in New Elevatia city. However, everyone is welcome to participate and make their own.
Declaration DayA celebration of the day when The City-State of Elevatia was officially declared with the act of signing our common constitution.
ChristmasThis internationally significant holiday is also held in Elevatia, although without any strong religious undertones. We celebrate this time of peace and family just as kindness and gifting to each other.
March/ AprilEasterThis internationally celebrated holiday has a different date each year and once again even though it is mainly a Christian holiday we celebrate is as a time of a coming spring and colorful decorations. However, unlike our Czech neighbors we do not keep the somewhat controversial traditions of spanking women with twigs and such. On the other hand a painted chicken eggs are a must.

Other Important days

July 23rd Burger FestivalAnother of our food themed festivals. The burger festival is not as prestigious as the Pasta Day, although it is still a time for celebration of a great cuisine. Prepare your buns and patties and enjoy.