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Our history

Elevatia’s history has not been been a long one so far. Still even a brief story is important to define our place in the world. For example the current form of Elevatia is actually its the second appearance in the history.

Before settling New Elevatia there was a brief conquest of the original elevatian land. Lady Lucie  and Lord Daniel settled into a wild rural area in Central Bohemia they have come to call Annunte. There they battled and finally overthrew a tyrannical queen Vincúr, also called in the local folklore as The Hag. This act became known as the Liberation of Elevatia as after the victory they established the first city of Elevatia there. After that the poverty stricken area saw a new chapter in its existence that started with massive investments to the sorely inadequate infrastructure and administrative changes.

However, despite all the progress they have made there it was soon apparent that Annunte would simply not be able to support their vision of the proud and independent nation they have longed for. And so when unexpectedly the opportunity came to resettle to Lady Lucia’s ancestral homeland they left the inhospitable wilderness in favor of the far more developed land with more possibilities. There a new city was founded, New Elevatia, named in honor of the original settlement. A city that now defines our City-State as a unique and sovereign micronation.