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Portrait of Lady Lucie and Lord Daniel, current rulers of Elevatia.

The City-State of Elevatia is a diarchystic constitutional monarchy. That means that there are two co-rulers (forming diarchy or duumvirate) of a noble stature that are bound by the constitution. The rulers are titled as Lady and Lord, depending on the gender, and they hold all executive, legislative and judiciary powers. The diarchy is, however, not a requirement as the constitution states that anyone with a title of a Lady or a Lord are eligible for ruling, meaning there can be more or less rulers depending on a situation. These titles can be passed down the family line. In case of no eligible successor the monarch can be voted into office by an election of the Elevatian citizens. Titles Lady and Lord are for life unless voluntarily abdicated. Ladies and Lords are also free to delegate their powers to others as they deem necessary.

Despite being a monarchy The City-State of Elevatia is built on a principles of vast personal freedoms and rights that are guaranteed by the constitution.

Current rulers are Lady Lucie and Lord Daniel, founders of the city-state.

Government Departments

The Elevatian government operates with many facets of our nation. For that the individual departments are gradually established. Use the side menu to view them individually.