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Department of Foreign Relations

The City-State of Elevatia essentially recognizes the existence of all macro- and micro- nations alike. We strongly believe it is not our role to say who is and is not a nation. We may not agree with their policies and behavior, their proclaimed territory may be contested by others even, however, as long as they pose as a kind of nation we do acknowledge that.

Because of that while many micronations like to sign the mutual recognition documents we see such acts as pointless for us as we are already favorable to their existence. 

That being said, there always can be some rare exceptions. For example so called nations that are clearly just made for trolling others without any visible effort to actually act as a nation. Generally speaking, respect has to go both ways.

On the other hand, we are open to meaningful treaties for cooperation and to friendly mutual diplomacy. Anyone can contact us to discuss potential joint projects, have a casual discussion or maybe even ask for help. We will gladly offer our assistance if it will be in our power to do so.

What we do not participate in is any kind of conflict, especially so called war. The City-State of Elevatia is a peaceful micronation that fully believes in staying away from drama and fighting, even imaginary. We are ready to defend ourselves, if truly needed, but we pledge to never initiate such behavior when there is another way.

You can read our exact foreign relations statement here.

As any nation we have to maintain our relations with foreign subjects as well as with those within our country. For that we are currently having mainly online presence on several social platforms to inform about the current events in Elevatia and to promote our way of life. You can find the links at the footer below.

This department is currently led by Lord Daniel.